10 questions you always wanted to ask an escort girl

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Myth Escort: between the glittering world of the sophisticated escort service and the dark machinations of prostitution. My autobiography could perhaps be called something like this or something similar at some point - at least if it were to be based on social norms. Escort may be a household name to many people, but it also seems to be a myth. 

"Yes, I've heard that before. Isn't that what businessmen do to avoid being alone at important events?

"Escort is just company, but without sex?" 

"Escort is just another word for whore." 

I notice again and again that this topic raises an enormous number of questions and associations - even if I don't peddle my job - because discretion is extremely important to me. Nevertheless, things keep coming back to me and the subject of escorting is hotly discussed...

Thanks to the sex-positive movement, it is now coming into the light of a wider public, because in fact, we escort ladies are not only booked by wealthy businessmen, but also more and more often by open-minded curious people and couples who want to get to know new or shared experiences. Today I have taken up the 10 most frequently asked questions that I have heard from my environment and from clients and I will be happy to answer them. 😊 

Let's start with probably the most frequently asked question:

1. Why are you doing this job and no other?

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Yes, why did I choose this particular job? Can't I do anything else, have I learned nothing else, is it the "fast earned" money that makes me "sell my body"? So first of all: I have learned something and I am not dependent on my job as an escort girl. Like many other escorts, I have a main job and I am an independent escort because I want to be. This is exactly the difference between me and a prostitute, which is not to say that women who pursue this profession have not learned or have nothing in their heads. But they mostly draw their income from this main occupation. So as an escort lady I am "independent" in a double sense - independent and I decide myself what I want to do. I now divide my time for this job as it suits me. And why did I choose this part-time job and no other? Because Escort enriches my life and makes it exciting again and again. I am an open, social and empathic person, I like to surround myself with other people and at the same time I love sex and eroticism. So which job could be more suitable? 😉

2. Do you actually know in advance who you are going to meet?

This is a very interesting question, because many people have the idea "Oh God, and then you have to be with every guy? I couldn't do that!". But actually, as an independent escort, it is a great advantage that, unlike with agencies, I receive customer enquiries personally. This creates a preliminary contact, I can get an idea of what is going on and feel if it fits between us. This allows me to assess in advance whether I want to fullfil the client's ideas and wishes, accept the date or not. This keeps negative surprises within limits, even if some candidates turn out to be - let's say diplomatically - incompatible every now and then. But you often have that in life, no matter in which industry, no matter how good your knowledge of human nature is. It is never entirely avoidable. But most contacts so far have always been respectful, very pleasant or even wonderful. 😊

3. What if you are not attracted to a customer or even disgusted by him?

This question actually ties in quite well with the previous one. Because many people cannot imagine having sex with complete strangers. And what if, despite the previous contact, I am not attracted or attracted to the customer at all, or even disgusted? First of all, I can say that fortunately this happens very rarely in my case. What really turns me off is disparaging, irreverent behaviour. I can't deal with people like that and I don't want to have anything to do with them, because for me escort means meeting people at eye level. Fortunately, thanks to the previous contact as an Independent, such things rarely happen. Disgust arises for me only when someone is unkempt, does not pay attention to their personal hygiene, does not shower or brush their teeth before a date. I find this equally disrespectful and the date would be over in no time. But I have never experienced anything like that in my escort time. I simply take personal hygiene for granted. I expect this from clients as well as from a private date. It has to do with decency and respect. Anyone who doesn't want to make this effort simply doesn't deserve the time with me. 

4. Do you find something interesting about every person or how do you manage to do that?

Appropriate to the topic of "feeling attracted" and "feeling disgusted" - I think if you judge people from the beginning and have a rather negative basic attitude, the job as an escort is difficult or unsuitable. This is probably also the reason why this thought of "Oh God, how can you sleep with someone you don't find attractive?" always pops up when talking about sex for money. People immediately get fat bellies, wrinkled penises or hair on their back shooting into their heads. People imagine everything that disgusts them and forget that a human being does not only consist of ONE body region. The human being is a total work of art that must be looked at.

And my job is to pick out the details that fascinate me. So, to come back to the question: "Do you find something interesting about every person? - Yes, I do. It's just in my nature. I always have been. I am a positive person, I am curious, I like to explore. I am interested in different types, characters and bodies, the circumstances of people. That is also the reason why I don't have to "force" myself to do it, because I simply love it. I love my job and contact with others. Of course, there are often clients who don't want to reveal so much about themselves, they don't have to. Discretion is my top priority. Then I talk about other things and find new small details that make the date exciting for me and the client. 

5. Have you ever fallen in love with a customer?

Okay, I think I was wrong about the first question. Because this is probably the most frequently asked one. Just as people cannot imagine going to bed with strangers, the thought "What happens if you fall in love with a customer?" comes up very often - because women in particular are said to be rather difficult to separate sex and love. In my opinion that is not true. That’s just a myth. In any case, I can say for myself that I have never fallen in love with a customer before. I strictly separate my job as an escort girl from my feelings and my private life. And that's just as well. However, you cannot control feelings. In life just anything can happen. Most likely the one you don't expect. So: Never say never. 

6. Do you feel like a feminist?

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Women who "sell" their bodies cannot be feminists! Neither can those who have their breasts done or wax their intimate areas instead of courageously opposing these social conventions! 

What stupid clichés!

Of course I see myself as a feminist, because I make self-determined decisions about my life, my actions, my relationships and also my job. I decide who I meet and who I do not meet. I stand by my sexuality, not only live it out, but enjoy it. I am neither in bondage to men nor do I let them determine me. Neither do I do everything for money! Feminism begins with self-determined action and does not stop where women voluntarily let their shells fall off or self-determinedly embellish their bodies. Because that too is self-love. 

7. How do you prepare for a date?

Preparing for a date always starts with a certain prickle in my stomach, because it is always exciting and I never know one hundred percent what will happen or what is waiting for me. I rummage through my wardrobe to choose the right sexy outfit. Even the choice of seductive underwear gives me a kick and gives me self-confidence. I take a lot of time for body care: a hot shower, a fragrant shampoo for my long blonde hair, a nourishing cream that makes my skin silky soft. This is how I get in the mood for the coming evening. Well-groomed toenails and fingernails are of course part of it, so I choose a nice polish for my manicure and pedicure. While I put on my make-up and make up, I slowly turn into the passionate seductress and feel the same: sexy, wicked and irresistible, haha. No really, this whole preparation ritual not only gets me in the mood for an exciting date and makes me want more, it also relaxes me somehow and focuses me on what is coming. I feel self-confident and radiate exactly what customers want from me. At least I try, because sometimes nervousness comes naturally. 😉

8. How many different outfits and shoes do you have?

Phew, I can hardly answer that truthfully, because I can't count my outfits. They are very many, which have accumulated over time. Because I love to dress up, I need variety and I always combine new outfits with all the pieces I have. Whether sexy, very sexy, wicked or very wicked, business-like, casual, elegant, casual, sporty or natural: I definitely have the right outfit for every occasion in my wardrobe. Not to mention underwear, of course. 😉 I don't have that many shoes (depending on how you define "a lot", hihi). About 70 pairs, finely sorted. Among them of course numerous high heels. I love high heels - what woman doesn't? They make sexy legs, an elegant gait and give you self-confidence because you feel incredibly desirable when wearing them. But all in all, I hardly spend any money on outfits anymore, otherwise my wardrobe would burst at the seams. I love the pieces I have and appreciate them.

9. Do you still want to have sex in private?

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I hear this question very often. It seems hard to imagine that what you do in your job is something you still like to do in your free time. Does a cook still cook in private or does he prefer to order his food from the delivery service? For my part I am an escort BECAUSE I love sex. Professionally and privately. Just because I have turned my passion into my further mainstay does not mean that my sexuality is lost. The only thing I personally can't imagine is having several dates within a very short time. That would lose its appeal for me. I want to be able to engage with each person and not rush from one to the other. That would not be my thing. That's why I always feel inside myself and then decide what I accept and what I don't accept. By the way, for me there is also a difference between sex for pleasure and sex for pleasure AND love. That's why sex in private is something completely different and incredibly fantastic. 😊 

10. Can you still feel real, true feelings for men?

This is actually similar to the previous question about sex. Of course I can, because for me one thing has nothing to do with the other. I do not sell my body, my soul or my feelings. I am selling a service. No more and no less. My feelings are not consumed, wasted or sold off by my job as an escort. Anyway, I am a very emotional person and could not use up my feelings at all, as many as I have. I can give my heart to a person completely - regardless of my professional activity.

I hope you have enjoyed these little insights into my professional and emotional world and I was able to clear up some ambiguities on the subject of "escort". Of course I have answered everything to the best of my knowledge and belief, honestly. 😉 

Yours, Aurelia

Independent Escort