A breath of nothing: a walk without underwear

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It’s not so strange to walk around town without panties. At first, all I feel is the warm summer breeze going under my dress, and I’m in places stroking those who would otherwise be covered by a thin piece of cloth. I thought that all passers-by could see my little secret at my tip of the nose. But nobody seems to anticipate that I’ll be strolling the streets today without underwear. Will you accompany me on my walk?

Underneath without: The feeling of being a woman without underwear to be on the way

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When I leave the house, I experience my first shock. Haven’t I forgotten something? Is the stove off, do I have the key? Then it dawns on me I’m not wearing any underwear. I don’t mind not wearing a bra in the summer, but I have never dared to go out on the street without panties. What if the wind blows up my dress or I walk down an air shaft like Marilyn Monroe?

But now it’s too late for doubts!

It is very interesting how my self-perception changes almost immediately. With each step I feel more courageous and a little bit freer. Everything is so sensitive! My tender skin is not used to rub against each other without a barrier of fabric. The body reacts quickly - I notice how the blush rises to my face. Almost like I’m turned on! Maybe that’s even true.

To find out more, I venture into the shopping street. So far I haven’t met many people yet - but that will change in a moment.

On the road on a secret mission: without panties, with self-confidence

The longer I’m out in the fresh air, the more precisely I feel every little move. It tingles wonderfully when a gust of wind brushes over my clean-shaven skin. I almost feel like jumping over a field of wheat and being tickled by a thousand blades of grass. But right now I’m in downtown Munich. No fields in sight, only other people.

A thousand tingly thoughts come to me. It is definitely not a negative feeling - just unfamiliar and provocative. The shame gnaws at me, but I can’t shake the outraged thoughts quite well. I’m not doing anything illegal! No one notices I don’t wear panties. At least I hope so. Or do I hope that someone notices? I’m uncertain now.

My self-confidence shoots up to galactic heights in an instant. I walk past a shop window and see myself in the reflection. Wow, I look good! And the thought of my little secret only makes things more appealing. The self effect is impressive. I feel extremely feminine, seductive and a little naughty. That’s how I imagined it...

The effect on the outside also leaves nothing to be desired. I’m used to men (and a few women) looking up to me. But today I had the feeling that I was allowed to return many looks with a smile. I don’t think, anyone was aware of my lingerie decision. But I was walking around with my head held high and a mischievous grin on my face. And that always looks sexy...

The allure of the forbidden: Why is it taboo not to wear underwear?

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Underwear is relatively new invention. Until the early 19th century, women only wore a long underskirt. Lingerie as we know it today only came into fashion at the beginning of the 20th century. And even then it was more about the hygienic aspect. Who wants to wash the good clothes every day?

Today it is a real taboo not to wear underwear - especially under dresses and skirts. It is an important social rule, for both men and women. Those who do not keep to it are at least looked at crooked. But unfortunately nobody notices when I cheekily give up my thong. Unless I want someone to catch me…

I was really surprised when I did some research before my experiment. Did you know that underwear has no benefits at all? On the contrary: (Too) tight panties can even have a negative effect on the genital area. Some experts recommend to avoid underwear occasionally or always. I was just ahead of my time.

Conclusion: Will I do it again?

Oh yes... this experience was very stimulating for me. I love to be in such direct contact with myself and feel my physicality. And the boost for my self-confidence was also very welcome. Next time I go shopping without my panties or go to the park. Or I might choose an even shorter little dress. There are so many possibilities...

I can imagine very well to do without fancy lingerie on a date. Perhaps you find the thought appealing to go on a journey with your fingers. I am looking forward to it in any case...

Yours, Aurelia

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