Escort or prostitution: Two pairs of shoes?

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Hi, I am Aurelia. Yes, I meet men for money. Yes, I like having sex too. Am I a prostitute? No. I am an independent escort lady - and that is a big difference for me!

You wouldn't believe how often I have had to face this question and the discussion that goes with it. Because all sex work is immediately equated with prostitution. But where are the boundaries, where are the differences? Is a Tantra masseuse a prostitute because she touches her clients intimately? Is physical sex work always prostitution? In any case, my job differs in some points from classical prostitution - even though Escort is subject to the Prostitution Protection Act. I do not feel like a prostitute, but as a free, passionate woman with self-determination. Nevertheless, as an escort lady I have to deal with a lot of clichés. But there is much more behind an upscale escort service than just a quick little number in between - especially since I must emphasise that I am not at all averse to 'quickies', they are a hot change and give me a special kick. 😉

Nevertheless, the escort company carries a "red light stamp" and is lumped together with the horizontal trade. A woman fulfills the (sexual) wishes of a man for money, so she is a prostitute. Prejudices are pre-programmed and are difficult to dispel. Let me explain why escorting (for me!) is not classical prostitution and what the differences are...

Escort girl or prostitute?

Escort is not only a somewhat more glamorous term for prostitution, but requires completely different skills. Escort girls must have qualities that go beyond the requirements of a classic prostitute. They should be educated, communicative, obliging and worldly. Self-confidence is essential, as is the ability to participate in political and social discussions and to show good manners. That is why many educated and well-off women work in this industry. Escorts work independently - like me as an independent - or with agencies, but always on a self-employed basis. This also includes the necessary economic know-how.

As an escort lady I get around a lot - from my home base in Munich I am often booked for several hours or even days throughout Germany and Europe as an erotic travel companion, business companion or evening escort. This is what makes this job so appealing, which is really something for the adventurous. I see the world, get to know many interesting people and can live out my personal curiosity professionally. I am both extroverted and offensive, as well as sensitive and always concerned about the well-being of my clients. After all, it is not about serving as many clients as possible in a short period of time, devoting myself mainly to sexual services and pure physical pacification, as is the case in classical prostitution. Rather, time plays an important role - taking it and letting it play.

I am primarily a sophisticated partner and provide the appropriate company for the occasion - depending on the wishes of the client. Men who book escorts do not want to be alone and want to have an adequate companion at their side for the day or evening. For some private and business events a female companion is a must. Then I replace the wife here and there or mime the attractive friend. This stylish escort has its price. This is one of the reasons why an escort usually earns more money than a prostitute, while few clients can be looked after much more exclusively.

But no matter whether prostitute or escort: Every person who decides to take a job in this industry deserves respect and recognition!

The thing about sex

Of course, an escort not only provides for witty conversations, but also pampers her clients in a special way. The talk is of sex. How wonderful when the evening goes well, both get along well and find each other attractive. So sex is the highlight(s) and the crowning finale or even the crowning in-between of a successful meeting - but the whole thing is just as important. As an Independent Escort, I am completely free to decide whether to accept a date with a client and what practices I offer.  After all, I too want to enjoy intimacy - and that only works if it suits both sides. Quick sex has little to do with the actual escort idea, because here it's more about being together on a stylish basis. This is what distinguishes high-class offers from other establishments. However, as an Independent Escort I can freely choose whether extensive companionship with sex or exclusively sex. Everyone can decide that for themselves and act freely accordingly.

Escort is a question of style

Many escort clients are successful businessmen (or businesswomen) who follow certain values and norms that they wish to maintain at all times. They have a precise idea of their companion and accordingly select her not only according to appearance, but also according to educational level and social criteria. Just being good in bed is not enough as an escort. Stylish appearance and good manners are important and decisive for the success of a date. 

A serious escort lady does not immediately make ambiguous offers - unless the client wishes to. For many clients, a meeting is not only about the sexual aspect but also about closeness and contact. It is about intimacy and togetherness, about listening to the other person, experiencing something together, laughing, not feeling alone. Men who book an escort wish for a trusting exchange at eye level. They don't want to be bound by the same obligations as in a firm relationship or friendship. Sometimes it is also husbands who long for a woman's attention, are looking for a little adventure or need confirmation of their self-esteem. All this in a protected, non-binding framework.

As an Escort, my clients also like to present me in public. A lot of dates take place there as well. However, I am not just a pretty eye-catcher, but, I think, a real enrichment - of course, type question and tastes are different. With amusing small talk, lots of humour and intelligent conversations about current events, art and politics, and of course a hot flirt, I sweeten the hours spent together with my clients. And the sexual desires of the client I like to fulfill, both in the bedroom and intimate places, because these will be the highlights of our togetherness.  😉

Yours, Aurelia

Independent Escort Munich