I just want to play ...

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Private primetime just for you

Do you sometimes feel like hot, casual sex without much fuss? A secret, anonymous date, where after a few minutes we can fall all over each other without restraint? I like the idea and I feel this desire growing inside me all the time. Of course, as an independent escort I also enjoy dinners together, events and great conversations, but every now and then I would like to get straight to the point with you.

On our sex date we can be wild and unbridled and give ourselves over to the passion of the moment. Let yourself be carried away by me, I spoil you according to all the rules of art. It turns me on so unspeakably when I can drive you crazy with my tongue during an unrestrained blowjob. When your hard cock pulsates between my full lips and penetrates deep into my mouth. I love having you in the palm of my hand like this, taking control and watching your arousal out of the corner of my eye. Just thinking about it makes me tingle and I can hardly wait. Give yourself over completely to my tongue skills and let yourself be pampered by my French skills. And I'll tell you something: I like to alternate between intense and wild, paired with slow and sensual...

At the thought of our meeting, I immediately want to do exciting things with you. I enjoy reinventing myself every time and taking you on an erotic journey. This wicked cat-and-mouse game, when we meet in the hotel lobby and none of the outsiders suspect what is about to happen behind closed doors. Knowing that after the first nice smile and a few eye contacts, you'll fuck me until we fall exhausted into the sheets. I enjoy being seduced. To feel your desire. I love it when you take the initiative, show me what you want and take me with greed and passion. Pressing me against the wall, leaning over the table and your incredible erection rubbing against my plump buttocks and hips.

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I dream of you tearing off my provocative lingerie during our intimate date. How your strong fingers slide between my wet pussy while I moan with pleasure and want to feel you completely. I enjoy your strong hand on my neck, your breathless kisses on my naked skin and the almost unbearable tension between us. Two bodies that move in unison, rub against each other and harmonise perfectly. I love the exciting interplay between contraction and relaxation, impulsive climaxes that build up, don't want to let up and connect our glowing hot bodies with each other....

Seductive words by candlelight or small talk at the bar? I like it a lot, but sometimes our bodies speak a clearer language. For me, it's incredibly appealing when we meet without big words or an extensive dinner. Maybe in an exclusive hotel in your city?

In any case, you can be yourself with me. I like our love play best when it's real. Maybe we both live out one of your secret fantasies and you discover a whole new side of yourself? Let's find out during an unforgettable sex date...

I am curious where we will meet. Sex is simply one of the most beautiful things in the world for me. And I feel like experiencing it with you... 😉


Yours, Aurelia

Independent Escort