Love is in the air: In love with an escort girl - or the other way around

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Your stomach tingles, your heart pounds and your hands get sweaty. Maybe you have already asked yourself what happens if you fall in love with an escort girl or if it is possible the other way round. 

Maybe you have already experienced this situation or are in the middle of it? When non-binding sex between an escort girl and a client suddenly turns into heartbreak, it can really throw you off track. After all, a date is actually a service and butterflies in the stomach are rather inappropriate, aren't they? 

But even if you can usually separate sex and love, you are not immune to feelings. They usually do what they want. What happens now, can business become ‚more’? How do I deal with it as an escort when I fall in love with a client or when a client falls in love with me? I'll tell you now.

Infatuation or desire?

Why do we actually fall in love if we are initially ‚only’ looking for sex? This characteristic is said to be more common in women, because they act more emotionally and the physical union also connects them on an emotional level. 

But of course men can also develop this infatuation, because really good sex gives us an enormous rush of hormones and happiness. After sex, the bonding hormone oxytocin contributes to the feeling of connection. For some it has a more intense effect, for others less so or only after several encounters. This hormone cocktail is as manipulative as it is effective, because it makes us believe we are in love, where in fact there is only lust. 

Of course, lust is something wonderful, but how do you distinguish love from desire? When you feel lust, you are fixated on the body of the other person and your thoughts revolve around touching and all kinds of sex fantasies. It is not so important who is your object of desire. Private details and everyday topics don't really interest you. You don't feel emotionally attached to the other person. Interests that lie outside the bed are not important to you. On the other hand, you are all the more attentive when it comes to sex, because that is exactly how you want to spend your time together. 

It's different with love. If you are really in love, your interests in the other person are different and you long for the person himself. You want to learn more about him and dive deeper into his soul. Sex is always intoxicating, especially in the beginning, but in your infatuation you generally also want to spend time cuddling and talking, longing for activities together or a rainy Sunday on the couch. 

Love is simply more. And you should be able to distinguish between these feelings if you want to plunge into an adventure with an escort. 

What does a man do when his emotions are on a rollercoaster?

It is not at all rare for a client to fall in love with an escort lady, because after all, she usually embodies everything he dreams of and desires in a woman. She is a real dream woman! That is her job. She gives you her undivided attention, is loving and charming. After all, that's what you pay her for. In and out of bed she fulfills all your wishes and is usually available at any time. She gives you heart palpitations and lots of (wet) dreams. You are possibly in for a dream girlfriend experience. Her kisses are passionate, her touches intense and she always finds the right words to put you in the mood.

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But do you really love her as a person or the dream image she creates for you? If you're sure it's really HER you're after, then tell her you've fallen in love with her. However, think about whether you can really live with her spicy job - and don't expect her to change herself or her needs for you. Also realize that the chances of being turned down are quite high. This is not the first time she has heard such a confession and she certainly knows how to handle it well and professionally.

But maybe your courage will pay off and she will feel the same way as you do. Then you have hit the jackpot. In any case, you should sleep on your feelings for a few nights before coming out and be really sure that what you are feeling is real. If you are sure that she is THE ONE, with or without a job, then: Go for it! Tell her what you feel. See how she reacts and what she thinks about your feelings. In the end, as always, communication is the key.

How do I deal with it as an Independent Escort when I fall in love?

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As an escort lady, I strictly separate professional and private matters, and for good reason. However, feelings are not controllable and it can happen that you do fall in love with a client. This rarely happens, but it is not impossible. After all, as an independent escort you are only a human being with emotions and feelings. Even though I go into every date professionally, I am not safe from butterflies in my stomach. When something like that happens, it is important to see if you are simply overwhelmed by the mind-blowing sex or if there is actually more to it.  

With the right sensitivity, it is best to explore the client's emotional state. Is HE making innuendos or sending clear signals? Is HE a reliable regular customer and do the dates already feel very private? At this point, as an escort, I would have to think very carefully about whether I address these feelings at all, because the client trusts in my discretion and I don't want to lose valued regular clients. 

If the client does not respond to my own feelings or if I do not even bring up the subject, it is probably best to put the contact on ice for the time being. Otherwise, you could quickly slip into an emotional dependency. In any case, a well-developed acumen is worth its weight in gold. Are the feelings mutual? Does he feel the same as I do? That's great! Then it could possibly turn into a real love story.

Happy ending or not?

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Escort and client feel the same for each other? Great, because maybe this love really does have a future. Because if it really is love and both want to go a common way, it may well be that even your escort gives up her job for love and takes a different path. She expects the same from you. Don't forget that. 

In love, there is not always a happy ending, but that is exactly what sometimes enables completely new paths of the heart, and that can be wonderful!


Yours, Aurelia

Independent Escort