Escort Bielefeld

restored castle with flag in Bielefeld
Escort Bielefeld

Bielefeld - East Westphalia with an erotic travel companion

In the east of North Rhine-Westphalia, in a transverse valley of the Teutoburg Forest, lies the trading town of Bielefeld.

You can spend wonderful hours there with an eloquent business companion at your side. With me, Aurelia Bonnet, your independent escort, I spend exciting and passionate hours or days with you.

Sights and Sights

We can discover the Sparrenburg - it is the most famous monument and landmark of the city of Bielefeld. It was built around 1200 and has a mountain tower almost 40 metres high and underground passages that can be visited as part of a guided tour.

Afterwards you can dedicate yourself with me, your evening escort, to the cultural and culinary subtleties before we experience our private highlight together.


The Légère Hotel Bielefeld is a place of relaxation and relaxation. Here we can treat ourselves to both a special aperitif and a nightcap.

In the hotel Bielefelder Hof we can also explore a steep tower and underground passages. With me as your erotic travel companion, there are hardly any limits to your imagination.


The Kunsthalle in Bielefeld is a blessing for me as a very cultural independent escort in the business life of the city.

Culinary arts

As a culinary hedonist, we will of course also find what we are looking for in Bielefeld.

The fine-dining restaurant GeistReich in the Hotel Bielefelder Hof stands for stylish upscale cuisine. Modern, creative dishes made from fresh, seasonal and regional products await us there.

The restaurant Tomatissimo is located in the middle of the tranquil Bielefeld district next to the historic church - modern and elegantly furnished. There we are served mainly fantastic Italian dishes, but also very recommended the Wiener Schnitzel or the crispy goose and of course the beef from the charcoal grill.

The Argentina Steak & More convinces less by its name, but inspires me all the more with its meat. In addition a noble drop and the carnal lust will be with me as evening companion then gladly in the Parkhotel Bielefeld still to our common joy a crowning conclusion of a pleasurable journey to East Westphalia.