Escort Dresden

Sunset, view of the river Elbe, in the background sights of Dresden
Escort Dresden

Dresden - pure romance

Enjoy culture and culinary delights with me in Dresden. The capital of Saxony, beautifully situated on the Elbe, offers cultural highlights in a class of their own.


The capital of Saxony, beautifully situated on the Elbe, offers cultural highlights in a class of their own.

How about the visit of the venerable Semperoper in the heart of the old town with me as your elegant evening companion? Or we explore the Dresdner Zwinger together in my personal way and discover the Old Masters Picture Gallery there.

We can also make a short detour to the newly built Frauenkirche in Dresden.


In addition to the culture, I am also fascinated by the famous selection of luxury hotels in this city.

The Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski with its magnificent luxury offers elegant rooms and three restaurants. It is located next to the Residenzschloss Dresden.

The Gewandhaus Dresden Autograph Collection was recently renovated and has a modern design in baroque style.

With the Dresdener Hotel Bülow Palais in Dresden's baroque quarter behind historical facade offers an experience full of charm and individuality. The privately run, exclusive 5-star hotel has once again received the trivago Award for best 5-star hotel for 2019. The hotel features the Caroussel star restaurant with excellent French haute cuisine.

At the Frauenkirche there is another 5-star-house, the Hotel Suitess. Here, too, we experience the classic style in a luxurious garment.

The design hotel Innside by Melia is also centrally located in the historic old town of Dresden. From the Sky-Bar on the 6th floor we can enjoy the view of Dresdner Frauenkirche.

The Dorint Hotel Dresden is a modern and comfortable place to stay. The contemporary furnishings are especially designed for the businessman.

Culinary delights

The city also has a high economic location factor in Saxony. Also for business appointments I make a good figure beside you as a business company with my different outfits.

Have a coffee or champagne at Lloyd’s Cafe and Bar during the day before the evening begins. Afterwards you can appreciate my company in every respect - both in a culinary ambience, for example the restaurant Kastenmeiers with international cuisine, which is located in the Kurländer Palais.

Furthermore there is the hotel restaurant Caroussel in the Bülow Palais with excellent French haute cuisine.

We can enjoy the German cuisine in the restaurant Genuss-Atelier.

The small Steak Royal Restaurant in the Weiße Gasse offers a paradise for every meat lover, also for me.

Another top address for meat lovers is the Estancia Beef Club.

The somewhat different kitchen is located in the Dresden Neustadt - the restaurant Lila Soße is young German kitchen in the Dresden Kunsthof. Creativity, modernity, fantasy and individuality are the hallmarks of the pub restaurant.

Before that we can stop at the Sonderbar and have cool and hip drinks before our destination is the Sins bar in the hotel.