Escort Münster

Münster, view of historical buildings at night, shopping street
Escort Münster

Münster - Student flair in Westphalia

The tranquil city of Münster in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), more precisely located in the heart of Westphalia, is the ideal place for an erotic travel companion.

With me as Independent Escort Aurelia Bonnet you will have a lot of fun going out in Münster. There's always a lot going on in the student city.


The cultural aspect is served fantastically with the art museum Pablo Picasso in the medieval old town. On the outskirts of the shopping city is Münster Castle. An impressive backdrop for getting to know each other and satisfying our cultural hunger.


The Hotel Kaiserhof Münster is located directly in the city centre, in order to indulge the spirit in relaxation through wellness as well as physical well-being.

The Schlosshotel Wilkinghege is located northwest of Münster on the outskirts. A unique ambience to take a gourmet menu with style and level with me, your erotic travel companion, and then enjoy the dessert discreetly and with pleasure in the suite.


In the student city you can of course also get to know a thrilling nightlife. With me as Independent Escort Aurelia Bonnet we find many opportunities to have fun right near the harbour basin.

Whether restaurants, bars or cafés - with me you can turn any location into an event location.

Culinary arts

The appetite for culinary delights and eroticism can be fantastically combined with me as an evening escort or for lunch as a business escort in Münster.

The restaurant Giverny - a small French restaurant to feel good - is located in the centre of Münster. In the very inviting ambience with winter garden we are served exquisite French delicacies.
The restaurant Spitzner im Oer'schen Hof has a great ambience, where you can enjoy the finest dishes from international cuisine - with a delightful garden terrace inviting you to a romantic tête-a-tête.
The Oer'sche Hof is a beautiful historical building from the 18th century, which is said to have been built by a Westphalian baroque master builder.

Münster with me is the highest pleasure for all senses.