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Penises and vaginas as colorful fantasy plants
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6 Sex myths - true or invented?

I love sex and everything that goes with it. Clearly, otherwise I wouldn't be doing my job as an escort girl, which for me is much more about living out my own lust. I know myself, my body and the various tricks of eroticism, I know how to assess and understand my sexuality and that of my counterpart. I am therefore all the more surprised that there are still so many sex myths that persist. Today I would like to take a closer look at six of them. Perhaps you will be surprised by one or two of the results. 😉

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Girlfriend Experience - Girlfriend with certain preferences

We humans are social beings. We all desire love, affection, attention and physical closeness. But finding THE perfect partner is difficult. Relationships are difficult. They mean work, require time, effort, compromise and communication. Many stumbling blocks that stand in the way of fulfilling one's own needs...

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Deep Lust - Fascination Deep Throat

Hard and pulsating, HE slides deep into the warm moist cave until he disappears almost to the stop and meets arousing resistance. My eyes closed, my head bent backwards to give you more space. Your ecstatically sparkling eyes on my face distorted by sweet agony. A sight that fuels your lust and gives you a feeling of power and superiority. Deep throat takes us both to the brink of madness ...

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Love is in the air: In love with an escort girl - or the other way around

Your stomach tingles, your heart pounds and your hands get sweaty. Maybe you have already asked yourself what happens if you fall in love with an escort girl or if it is possible the other way round. 


Maybe you have already experienced this situation or are in the middle of it? When non-binding sex between an escort girl and a client suddenly turns into heartbreak, it can really throw you off track. After all, a date is actually a service and butterflies in the stomach are rather inappropriate, aren't they? 

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I just want to play ...

Do you sometimes feel like hot, casual sex without much fuss? A secret, anonymous date, where after a few minutes we can fall all over each other without restraint? I like the idea and I feel this desire growing inside me all the time. Of course, as an independent escort I also enjoy dinners together, events and great conversations, but every now and then I would like to get straight to the point with you...

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Escort or prostitution: Two pairs of shoes?

Hi, I am Aurelia. Yes, I meet men for money. Yes, I like having sex too. Am I a prostitute? No. I am an independent escort lady - and that is a big difference for me!


You wouldn't believe how often I have had to face this question and the discussion that goes with it. Because all sex work is immediately equated with prostitution. But where are the boundaries, where are the differences? Is a Tantra masseuse a prostitute because she touches her clients intimately? Is physical sex work always prostitution? In any case, my job differs in some points from classical prostitution - even though Escort is subject to the Prostitution Protection Act. I do not feel like a prostitute, but as a free, passionate woman with self-determination. Nevertheless, as an escort lady I have to deal with a lot of clichés....

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10 questions you always wanted to ask an escort girl

Myth Escort: between the glittering world of the sophisticated escort service and the dark machinations of prostitution. My autobiography could perhaps be called something like this or something similar at some point - at least if it were to be based on social norms. Escort may be a household name to many people, but it also seems to be a myth. 

"Yes, I've heard that before. Isn't that what businessmen do to avoid being alone at important events?

"Escort is just company, but without sex?" 

"Escort is just another word for whore." 

I notice again and again that this topic raises an enormous number of questions and associations - even if I don't peddle my job, because discretion is extremely important to me. Nevertheless, things keep coming back to me and the subject of escorting is hotly discussed...

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Exciting and relaxing massages: time for intensive togetherness

The skin shines moisturized by the wonderful massage oil that runs warmly through my fingers and tickles your senses. Everything feels so soft and tender. Yes, such an (erotic) massage is really something very special, because it creates intense togetherness without immediately aiming at the essential, i.e. sex. Instead, it slowly and steadily builds up relaxation as well as tension and desire. It helps the soul to let go and optimally prepares the body for an explosive climax...

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Escort - the safe, discreet fling

Your imagination runs away with you when you think of the stunning blonde in your favourite bar? Do you dream of the sexy secretary who swings her hips seductively in front of your nose every day? If you indulge in these sensual thoughts every now and then, then you have probably already thought about a fling. But instead of throwing yourself into an insecure affair with your colleague or working your way through countless dates with the beautiful stranger, you can experience hot adventures with an escort in a particularly uncomplicated and safe way. These erotic meetings are absolutely discreet and free of unpleasant surprises. I will tell you the biggest advantages of sparkling dates with Independent Escorts like me... 

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To be pampered up to the tips of your toes ... or even with...

Feet are always such a topic ... some people like them, others hate them. But well-groomed, beautifully varnished feet really do have something for themselves. And they can not only be an eye-catcher, but also do all kinds of things. All 'hand', what a play on words ...

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A breath of nothing: a walk without underwear

It’s not so strange to walk around town without panties. At first, all I feel is the warm summer breeze going under my dress, and I’m in places stroking those who would otherwise be covered by a thin piece of cloth. I thought that all passers-by could see my little secret at my tip of the nose. But nobody seems to anticipate that I’ll be strolling the streets today without underwear. Will you accompany me on my walk?