Independent Escort Essen

Essen - Even the pot trembles

As an Independent Escort, I am fascinated by the indescribable diversity of the Ruhr area with its centre in Essen, which among other things also offers great opportunities for an exciting escort date.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site Zeche Zollverein gives us an interesting insight into how work was done there 50 years ago.

This region is closely associated with the name Thyssen and Krupp. For example, Villa Hügel is located on a romantic hill above Lake Baldeney. It is the former private compound of the Krupp family.

City of Essen at night, luminous building of ThyssenKrupp, in front of a created lake
Independent Escort Essen

Would you like some culture?

If you want, you can find a variety of cultural possibilities with me in Essen. So the GOP Varieté with its changing programm is worth a visit. For those interested in culture, no matter what type of culture you are - whether theatre or philharmonic hall - the range of offers is very wide.

The pleasurable end of the day with your passionate escort lady in Essen will certainly remain a wonderful memory.


Naughty hours with your Independent Escort Essen in one of the hotels?

Nearby, in the Boutique Hotel Villa on the banks of the Ruhr in the neighbouring town of Mühlheim an der Ruhr, we both find the right ambience to spend an erotic and exciting time together.

Alternatively, just above the Ruhr in Essen is the Schlosshotel Hugenpoet with its fine Restaurant 1831. I really enjoy being pampered with epicurean delights and spending a frivolous and romantic evening with you. The wine list there is exquisite.


Enjoying excellent culinary delights with your seductive escort lady in Essen

In the restaurant Schote with its great ambience, very tastefully decorated, TV chef Nelson Müller creates impressive, fantastic luxury menus - to melt away!

The Hannnappel with its turn of the century charm offers creative gourmet cuisine with seasonal products, peppered with modern elements. A nice culinary conclusion to spend further exciting hours with me in one of the hotels.