My Fee

Of course, you don't talk about money and a gentleman enjoys and is silent (by the way, this also applies to a lady). However, I think that clear relationships are advantageous for both of us and we can enjoy our escort date much more if all incidental matters are clarified from the outset. Therefore, you will find my fee list for my escort service enclosed.

Time is one of the most important goods we have. It can neither be seen nor grasped - and that is exactly what makes it so desirable and valuable. I put not only my time, but also my passion into every escort date. I let you forget, bring you to other (naughty) thoughts, sweeten our hours together and therefore always plan only a few dates per month.

After all, every meeting should be something very special - just as special and individual as you are. I therefore see my fee also as energy compensation and respectful recognition for my service as an Independent Escort. "Time that we take is time that gives us something". 

blonde with long legs in a red dress with high slit and golden stilettos


2 hours 450 €


2 hours 700 €
3 hours 850 €
4 hours 1000 €
5 hours 1100 €
6 hours 1200 €
7 hours 1300 €
8 hours 1400 €
short overnight (12 hours) 1700 €
long overnight (15 hours) 1900 €
24 hours 2900 €
each additional day 1400 €

Everything else on request. My fees are not negotiable.
Please hand me the fee at the beginning of our date in an unsealed envelope.
Payment methods: Cash, bank transfer, PayPal.

In order to maintain discretion with bank transfer only the neutral company name appears - neither with the content 'Escort' nor my escort name.

Please note: 3 % PayPal fees will be added for transfers via PayPal.


Travel expenses

Homebase Munich City no travel expenses
Airport Munich/
surrounding Hallbergmoos
80 €
Stuttgart 140 €
Nürnberg 130 €
Innsbruck 100 €
Salzburg 80 €
other Cities Train or plane ticket + taxi


If we don't know each other yet, I allow myself a deposit of the travel expenses from a driving time of more than 1 hour to the agreed meeting point. For the simple reason - to make sure that our date really takes place. Because I keep my time free for you on that day and do not accept other dates.

In order to maintain discretion with bank transfer only the neutral company name appears - neither with content 'Escort' nor my escort name.


Of course, it can happen that your plans change and you have to cancel our appointment. I will then try to find an alternative date with you - until then I will leave your deposit.

If you have already made a deposit and cancel our date less than 48 hours before the start, I keep the deposit due to my already made ticket bookings and my scheduled time.

If I have to cancel our date, I will of course refund your full deposit.